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Frequently Asked Questions

In the ongoing effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of beacon registration information, the Canadian Mission Control Centre has developed the CBRV (Canadian Beacon Registry Verifier). This initiative is meant to assist in the updating of the information that is collected for the purpose of Search and Rescue operations. This information is crucial and it is the beacon owner's / operator's responsibility to ensure that all information is kept up to date.

1. What does it do?
1) When a 406MHz beacon is tested, as per the manufacturer's instructions, a signal is transmitted.
2) Geostationary satellite detects the self-test mode transmission.
3) Self-test transmission is transferred and stored in the Local User Terminal (LUT)
4) The CBRV pulls all Canadian coded (Prefix of A78, A79, 278 or 279) beacon self-test mode messages and compares the hexcodes to those registered in the Canadian Beacon Registry Database.
5) If the beacon hexcode is registered in the Beacon Registry and there is an email address associated to the file, then an email message acknowledging that a self -test was performed and verifying the status of the registration SHALL BE SENT.

***VERY IMPORTANT – Although the self-test mode is designed to transmit only short bursts to protect the battery life, excessive testing may deplete the battery reserve. ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions.***
2. I tested my beacon but I didn't get an email. Why not?
There are many possible reasons why you did not receive an email in response to your self - test.

1) The self-test procedure set out by the manufacturer was not followed. Always follow the manufacturer's self-test procedures which can be found in the product's manual. If you are unsure about the process, please contact the manufacturer.
2) Your email address may be incorrect or missing online. Please verify your online registration with the Canadian Beacon Registry at or by calling 1-877-406-7671.
3) Your email provider's firewalls may have filtered the email message – check your Junk folder.
4) Beacon is heavily shielded and not within line of sight of satellite.
5) Certain personal locator beacon (PLB) designs have a protective 'cap' designed to prevent inadvertent activations. This design may actually prevent the satellites from detecting the self-test. Please check with your manufacturer.
6) Very rarely, north of 70 degrees latitude issues.
7) CBRV program, the satellite or the ground stations may be down for maintenance.
8) The beacon is malfunctioning. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance.
3. Is there a fee for this program?
No there is no fee. The CBRV initiative was designed to verify the registration status of Canadian coded 406MHz beacons for Search and Rescue purposes and is not a fee driven service.
4. I received the email verifying that the Canadian Mission Control Centre (CMCC) received my test. This proves that my beacon works! Do I still need to have my ELT re-certified by an avionics professional as per Transport Canada regulations?
Yes you do! The CBRV was designed only to verify registration of the beacon for Search and Rescue purposes, not to validate the functionality of the beacon in place of re-certification. You must still adhere to the regulations that govern the operation of your beacon. The CBRV program is not a substitute for re-certification.
5. I tested the beacon but the battery has expired. I received an email stating that CMCC had received my test message. Does this mean that my beacon is working just 'fine' and doesn't need a battery replacement?
No, this does not mean that the beacon is working 'fine'. You must adhere to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the care and maintenance of your beacon. When the battery is close to expiring, or has expired, contact the manufacturer or their representative for assistance in replacing it. The beacon may not function as designed in an emergency if the battery is not replaced when required. Please note that only manufacturer approved batteries can be used in 406MHz beacons.
6. Do I need to call the CMCC or the Canadian Beacon Registry when I test the beacon?
No you do not need to call before a test. However, if you believe that you may have accidentally activated the beacon during the test, please call the CBR between 8:00am-4:00pm Eastern time at 1-877-406-7671 or after hours, the CMCC at 1-800-211-8107 x7265.
I received an email regarding a beacon test for a beacon that I no longer own. Why? And what do I need to do about it?
If you have received an email then your email address is still associated with this beacon. Please contact the Canadian Beacon Registry at 1-877-406-7671 or via email to A transfer of responsibility to the new owner must be completed.
8. I received an email regarding a beacon test but the beacon was not tested. Why?
If you have received an email regarding a beacon that you are positive was never tested, please contact the Canadian Beacon Registry at 1-877-406-7671 or via email
9. Can the email message include the location of the beacon that was tested as well as the exact time of the test?
This information is not collected by the CBRV program. The CBRV program was created to verify the accuracy of the beacon registration information associated to the beacon's unique hexcode. This initiative is not intended to be used for operational purposes.
10. I test my beacon according to the manufacturer's guidelines but I do not wish to receive a confirmation email. Is this possible?
Yes it is possible. Please contact the Canadian Beacon Registry at 1-877-406-7671 to discuss further. You must, though, ensure that your registration is kept up to date by verifying the details annually.
11. I test my beacon and would like an email message sent to several email addresses. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only one address should be entered into the email address field within your profile. More than one address entered will result in an error and no confirmation message shall be sent at all.
12. Will I get regular emails advising me to update my beacon?
It is the owner's /operator's responsibility to ensure that their emergency beacon file is complete and update on a yearly basis. The CBR may though send out emails, letters or place phone calls to beacon owners regarding their beacon registrations but these are not intended to replace yearly owner initiated updates.
13. I received the beacon test confirmation email and it states that my registration is not up to date. I went online 2 months ago and nothing has changed. Why is it still showing an out of date?
The status of the registration is based on the last update made to the beacon page. If you have gone online, visually verified that all of the details on the Beacon, Profile, aircraft, vessel, Land and Contacts pages are correct but neglected to click on SAVE at the bottom of the page, then the information remains unverified. Clicking SAVE at the bottom of each page validates the information as accurate by changing the time and date stamp.